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Starring Trevor Eve. Based on the inside story from Greenʼs family, friends and peers. The drama tells of the destructive power of success and celebrity, and explores what family and fatherhood meant to this iconic character.
Colourist / On-line Editor

THE UNDERCOVER DIPLOMAT 1x60ʼ Documentary Juniper/BBC
Jonathan Powell, Tony Blair's chief of staff, reveals in depth how he secretly negotiated with Sinn Féin.
Colourist / On-line Editor

SHOPS ROBBERS & VIDEOTAPE 2x50ʼ Documentaries Folio/C5
Shows how criminals try to outwit stores and how the hard the police have to work to stop them.
Colourist / On-line Editor

POP! WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR? 1x60ʼ Documentary BBC
Reveals how complex, rewarding and varied the three minute pop song can be and how a nation fell in love with the form.
Colourist / On-line Editor

JAMIEʼS FOWL DINNERS 1x90ʼ Documentary Firefly/C4
Jamie Oliver hosts a gala dinner to dramatically demonstrate the reality of how chickens live and die to put food on our plates.
Colourist / On-line Editor

Broadcast on Boxing Day 2007 this one-off drama tells the story of three orphans Pauline (Emma Watson), Petrova (Yasmin Paige) and Posy Fossil (Lucy Boynton) who are adopted by an eccentric explorer, Great Uncle Matthew (Richard Griffiths), and raised as sisters by his selfless niece, Sylvia (Emilia Fox)
On-line Editor

LEARNERS 1x90ʼ Drama BBC
Warm bitter sweet comedy drama following the trials and tribulations of learner drivers starring David Tennant and Jessica Hynes.
Colourist/Online Editor

HITLERʼS BRITISH GIRL 1x60ʼ Documentary Blakeway/C4
Uncovers Unity Mitfordʼs extraordinary relationship with the Fuhrer and the mysterious circumstances of her return to Britain in 1940.
Colourist / On-line Editor

SUMMITS 3x60ʼ Documentaries BBC
Professor David Reynolds explores how, at three critical turning points of the Twentieth Century, clashes of nation and ideology were channeled into human drama in its simplest form – two leaders facing each other across a table
Colourist / On-line Editor

DOLCE VITA AFRICANA 1x90ʼ Documentary Tigerlily/BBC
Following celebrated Malian photographer Malick Sidibe, whose iconic images of his country from the late 1950s through to the 70s captured the carefree spirit of his generation.
Colourist / On-line Editor

LIFE OR DEATH 6x60ʼ Documentaries Firefly/Discovery
Investigates the science behind extraordinary real life stories unfolding outside and inside the human body - depicting the journey from the jaws of death to recovery.
On-line Editor

CLASH OF WORLDS 3x60ʼ Documentaries Blakeway/C4
Tells the story of the extraordinary tensions and mutual misunderstandings, wars and reconciliations, that have haunted two cultures, Christian and Muslim, during Britain's imperial rise and fall.
Colourist / On-line Editor

TIMEWATCH 50ʼ Documentaries BBC
I have worked on many Timewatch programmes as a Colourist and On-line Editor. Most recently:
Zeppelin: The First Blitz, Killer Cloud, The Princess Spy, Bog Bodies

THE SOMME: From Defeat to Victory 1x60ʼ Drama Documentary BBC
This powerful film marks the 90th anniversary of the first battle of the Somme; the bloodiest battlefield in the First World War. Based on real accounts, we follow a group of pals from Salford, mates from the local church, who joined up together to fight for King and Country.
Colourist / On-line Editor

WAR OF THE WORLD 6x50ʼ Documentaries Blakeway/C4
In this groundbreaking new series, world-famous historian Niall Ferguson presents an explosive new argument that will challenge common assumptions about the twentieth century.
Colourist / On-line Editor

A brand new drama series for CBBC, each self-contained episode centres on individual characters in a group of suburban kids. From bad hair days to divorcing parents, from sibling rivalry to first kisses.
Colourist / On-line Editor

FOLK BRITANNIA 3x50ʼ Documentaries BBC
A new three-part series exploring British folk music. Tracing its evolution from the end of World War II up to the scene's latter-day revival.
Colourist / On-line Editor

HIROSHIMA 1x90ʼ Drama Documentary BBC
This drama-documentary attempts to do what no other film has done before - to show what it is like to live through a nuclear explosion, millisecond by millisecond.
On-line Editor

COMPULSION 2x90ʼ Documentaries Mentorn/BBC
ʻThe Trouble with Jonnyʼ, Director Tanya Stephan. ʻWating for Brianʼ Director Henry Singer.
Colourist / On-line Editor

Jonathan Ross travels to Japan, Hong Kong and Korea to explore the world's most innovative cinema. In each episode Jonathan meets Asia's most talked about actors and directors and shares his passion for all aspects of Asian filmmaking with a multitude of clips.
Colourist / On-line Editor

ROUGH SCIENCE 6x30ʼ Documentaries BBC/OU
Series 3: New Zealand, Series 4: Death Valley, Series 5: Zanzibar & Series 6: Colorado
Colourist / On-line Editor

Series 2 charts the religious history of Britain from the 18th century to the present day - the arrival of Christianity, and the rise of the Church of England.
Colourist / On-line Editor

THE LAST DAYS OF THE NAZIS 2x60ʼ Documentaries Granite/Sky
Examining the actions of several prominent Nazis as the Allies closed in on Berlin
Colourist / On-line Editor

CHURCHILL: The Forgotten Years 1x90ʼ Documentary Blakeway/BBC
Presented by leading Churchill expert, Professor David Reynolds of Cambridge University, this film provides a distinctive new take on what drove this immense, difficult personality as he continued striving for power and reputation right into his eighties.
Colourist / On-line Editor

COMING UP 7x30ʼ Dramas IWC Media/C4
Coming Up is the only talent scheme currently in the UK where new film-makers have the opportunity to make an authored drama with a guaranteed network broadcast.
Colourist / On-line Editor

JIMMYʼS FARM 4x50ʼ Documentaries BBC
Following Jimmy Dohertyʼs first year as he gives up a career to run his own pig farm.
Colourist / On-line Editor

AMERICAN COLOSSUS 120ʼ Documentary Blakeway/C4
Niall Ferguson charts the dramatic hidden history of the United States as a rising empire, the most powerful ever seen. But the imperial role, he argues, doesn't come as naturally to the Americans as it did to the British.
Colourist / On-line Editor

THIS WORLD: The Real Bangkok Hilton 50ʼ Documentary BBC
Television cameras are given exclusive access to Thailand's notorious Bangkwang prison.

Kwei-Armah's National Theatre success made on location with the same director and cast as the original production. A tense story of gun crime, racism and a difficult father-son relationship.
Colourist / On-line Editor

EMPIRE 6x50ʼ Documentaries Blakeway/C4
Major series in which historian Niall Ferguson charts the rise and fall of the British Empire.
Colourist / On-line Editor

AS THE BEAST SLEEPS 90ʼ Drama BBC Northern Ireland
The political leadership of the UDA has placed a ban on paramilitary activity. The men this affects are the young teams groomed for fighting. For some, the ʻnew rulesʼ mean a drastic change in lifestyle, a loss of stability and identity.
Colourist / On-line Editor